CSS excels in providing managed services for our clients. Our commitment to their success is evident in the work we perform and solutions we provide. Our team of IT engineers have active experience helping customers with their physical, virtual, and hybrid server, network, and voice solutions using technologies from Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, and more. 

Space Florida selected CSS  to design, implement, and manage a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for their users. The solution was successfully deployed only months before the COVID-19 pandemic forced on-site personnel to work remotely. Our team’s experience with virtual desktops allowed Space Florida to easily transition personnel to off-site work while ensuring the security, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. 

Facilities Operations & Maintenance

We understand your facility support needs and deliver customized solutions.

IT Services

Our IT solutions meet clients’ evolving needs.

Satellite Data Applications

Helping create a more environmentally sustainable, weather-ready, and secure nation through application of earth observation data  

Safety, Health, & Environmental

We provide our clients with tools to protect their workforce, the public, and the environment.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

We help our clients prepare for and protect the health and environment of communities after disasters and hazmat releases.

Human Health Risk Assessment

We help advance the understanding of chemical effects on people and the environment.

Space Science Application Support & Operations

We deliver scientific support to advance our clients’ research goals.

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